Compliance Officer Opening

Job Summary
Develops, administers and monitors programs for compliance with laws, regulations and rules governing operations and product offerings. Reviews Bank’s policy and procedures for compliance. Acts as the Bank’s Community Reinvestment Act Officer and Bank Secrecy Officer. Responsible for supervision of work activities in the Retail Support department. Coaches, supports, and mentors staff to ensure an exceptional level or accuracy and accountability for assigned department functions. Leverages resources and system data to properly manage the Bank Secrecy Act compliance program for the bank. Develops, implements and maintains all “pillars” of the BSA program.

• Compliance Program Administration
o Develops, administers and monitors a program that ensures the bank’s compliance with laws, regulations and rules governing banking
o Researches federal and state banking laws and regulations, reviews the bank’s policies and procedures, and ensures compliance with laws and regulations
o Develops and maintains compliance policies. Conducts training as needed
o Maintains the bank’s compliance library, utilizing current technology whenever possible
o Drafts comment letters regarding proposed regulatory changes affecting the bank
o Chairs Compliance Committee

• Compliance Review and Audit
o Formulates practical review functions to be incorporated into operational procedures, resulting in safety, soundness, regulatory compliance and operational efficiency
o Develops and performs an annual risk-based audit schedule ensuring that those areas with greatest potential risk receive appropriate audit attention
o Prepares audit work papers, ensuring adequate documentation to support conclusions and provides effective and reasonable recommendations
o Works with department supervisors to make improvements to systems in order to correct possible violations. Ensures that responses are received
o Provides periodic compliance reports to the Management Committee, CEO and Board of Directors
o Reviews advertisements and new products to ensure compliance
o Supervises the bank’s record retention and disposal program

• CRA Officer and Program Administration
o Develops and maintains a CRA program that is in compliance with the regulation. Obtains Management and Board approval of the CRA Policy
o Provides annual CRA training and communication to all bank staff
o Provides an annual review and assessment of CRA activity and compliance to the Senior Management Team
o Ensures that CRA public information is current, accurate and made available as required under the regulation
o Maintains bank complaint file and public comments relating to CRA performance

• BSA Officer and Program Administration
o Develops and maintains a BSA program that is in compliance with the regulation. Obtains annual Management and Board approval of the BSA Policy
o Conducts annual training of bank staff
o Maintains list of exempt customers
o Files Suspicious Activity Reports as necessary

• Compliance Communication and Training
o Schedules meetings with departments and supervisors, as necessary, to provide information on compliance changes that affect them
o Develops an annual training schedule/program that covers appropriate topics. Training topics will provide a complete overview of the compliance function to all employees with more focused topics for areas that deal with compliance issues in their daily job function
o Develops and maintains a compliance manual for lending areas. Works with department managers to ensure that compliance topics are covered in procedure manuals
o Coordinates regulatory compliance examinations and prepares responses to Report of Examination

• Provides direction and support for all functions assigned to the Retail Support area of the bank
• Coaches and mentors the Retail Support Team to ensure critical functions are performed in line with industry norms, best practices, regulatory requirements and statute
• Attend relevant seminars, workshops or other educational or industry-related events when requested
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